The Expert Q&A: On Transitions With PTC’s Eduarda Camacho

Eduarda Camacho

Q: What recommendations do you have for how women who have lost jobs in 2020 can best network to find a new position during this time?

A: It’s a really difficult time to lose a job, especially given the many additional responsibilities and anxieties the pandemic has placed on everyone. If you have lost your job, make sure to understand and take advantage of the various resources companies offer as a part of their severance packages. Many companies, especially in the tech space, offer really good professional placement services.

Also, take advantage of the various industry forums and conferences. With many, if not all, these forums moving to virtual, it’s easier than ever to engage with a wide network of people with a range of experiences and backgrounds. I’ve also personally seen more engagement, participation, and conversation occurring at these meet-ups because it’s easy to join a quick call versus travelling to network.

This time is also a great moment to think about your career direction. The markets and industries are changing because of the new dynamics the pandemic created. Take a moment to consider where you’d like to work and how you can use your skills and expertise to take advantage of new opportunities that you may not have thought available before. Continue to learn and broaden your skillset while looking for a new role to stay up to date and current.

Q: Some people have suggested that there will likely be more job losses ahead. What would you say to women who are worried about whether they will still have a job in 2021?

A: The tech space has fortunately been less effected by the current job loss compared to other industries like hospitality and retail. Many are in very difficult positions and it may seem like this will last forever, but the economy will come back. Maintaining a positive mindset by staying healthy and well-balanced is really difficult to do right now, but also really important.

Having a positive perspective and taking care of yourself helps you to continue to perform and be productive. If you’re constantly worrying, it’s hard to do your job well. You risk overthinking, second guessing yourself and ultimately performing below your abilities. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Take care of yourself and your family and be confident in your abilities and you’ll be able to continue to do your job well, given the difficult circumstances.

Q: While this year has been tragic on many fronts, there are also opportunities in times of great change. What opportunities do you see that are motivating you now?

A: I’m really motivated by the flexibility in working from anywhere. When done well, I think it helps bring greater balance between all our commitments: family time, work time, and most importantly, me time.

I also believe that challenging times bring new opportunity for creativity. I’ve seen really great examples within my team and across PTC of people taking time to completely rethink and reinvent how we do our jobs and work together to help our customers achieve value. It’s been really inspiring for me.

Q: Finally, on a personal note, what practices have you engaged in that you have found helpful for dealing with all the changes this year has brought about?

A: I’ve been working to be mindful, stay positive, and make sure I have a moment of peace to myself. Yoga and puzzles have kept me sane over the past year, and a glass of red wine in the evenings never hurts either!

Eduarda Camacho is the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Customer Officer at PTC, where she is responsible for managing PTC’s worldwide Customer Success, Professional Services, Renewal Sales and Cloud Business.