Some Nerve: Leadership Lessons on Becoming Brave with Patty Chang Anker | 2016 Session

Patty Chang Anker

Whether change has been thrust upon you, or you’re feeling stuck and ready to grow, stepping into the unknown can be a little, er…scary. If the thought of a new direction makes you want to head for the hills, then join fear-facing expert Patty Chang Anker.

Discover how to de-escalate fear’s power so you can face and lead yourself and others through times of change and uncertainty. With humor and practical advice, Patty invites you to let down your guard, to reflect on your fears and also their strength. Walk away armed with the inspiration and tools to become a braver and more courageous leader.


PATTY CHANG ANKER is a nationally recognized fear facing expert who empowers people to live their biggest, bravest lives. She the author of “Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave,” which was an recommended memoir, a Parents magazine “Mom must-read” and a Books For a Better Life award finalist. She is an anxiety expert at and her writing has appeared in many publications including “Dr. Oz,” The Good Life Magazine, O Magazine, Good Housekeeping,, and her own award-winning blog “Facing Forty Upside Down.” Anker’s speaking credits include a TEDx Talk, Listen to Your Mother, and keynotes and workshops before audiences as intimate as 10 and as large as 1500. As a courage coach to private clients she specializes in helping reinventing moms create their next chapter. A former director of media relations for The New York Times and veteran book publicist, Anker is also a certified yoga teacher and a slow but determined triathlete. She is still afraid of clowns. @pattychanganker