Selena Rezvani | LinkedIn LIVE Thurs., April 16 – How to Set & Maintain Personal Boundaries

How to Set & Maintain Personal Boundaries

From Selena’s newsletter:

Well… how are you managing? So much has changed in the last month, and yet we leave our homes less than ever. It’s an odd combination, isn’t it?!

I now have 2 seven year-old twin “office mates” who are really keeping things lively — and demanding — at home. They bring a new dimension to the idea of boundaries. After all, it sounds simple to “create work/life boundaries” but it’s a lot tougher when your entire work and life are in one place all the time!

It’s a topic that’s been on a lot of minds lately, and it’s what I’m going Live on LinkedIn to talk about. Boundaries are always important but we feel their necessity now more than ever, and we need to talk in practical terms about HOW to have boundaries when so many of our routines are disrupted.

I hope you’ll join me on LinkedIn Live this Thursday — see below for more details!

Join my first LinkedIn Live video, happening this Thursday at 1 pm ET! No sign up needed, just mark your calendar now so you don’t miss it and head to my LinkedIn page at the start. I’ll be revealing how to create personal boundaries at a time when all the lines seem blurred.

Visit Selena Rezvani’s LinkedIn page April 16 at 1pm ET to watch.