The Burnout Fix with Jacinta Jiménez

The Burnout Fix

We all know that excessive stress is a health hazard. What is less talked about are the effects of burnout on business performance. Stress makes people nearly three times as likely to leave their jobs, temporarily impairs strategic thinking, and lowers creative abilities. Burnout is a growing phenomenon in the workplace – leaders experience it […]

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Speaking Up with Confidence | Women Amplified

Speaking Up with Confidence

Speaking up is critical, but also complex in today’s world, and as a leader you set the tone for your team. In this session — a replay from the 2021 Pennsylvania Conference for Women — diversity and inclusion pragmatist Dolly Chugh will offer ways to communicate so that you can reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding, […]

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How to Stop Saying Yes to “Non-Promotable Work” — with Linda Babcock

Why are women running faster than ever, burdened with endless to-do lists and still trailing behind their male colleagues? Because women most often are unfairly left with “non-promotable work:” planning the office party, screening interns, attending to that time-consuming client, or simply helping others with their work. The imbalance leaves women overcommitted, underutilized and trapped […]

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Breaking the Spell of High Conflict

Conflict, whether political or personal, can escalate and become toxic — as we keep seeing in the news, on social media, and in our own lives. Our brains start sorting the world into good and evil, exaggerating the differences between ourselves and others. In this episode, a replay of a session from the 2022 virtual […]

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