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Speaking Of Race: The Language To Move Forward Replay | Justice, Equity & Inclusion Series

Speaking Of Race: The Language To Move Forward

Join award-winning journalist, professional speaker, and author Celeste Headlee along with moderator Naeemah Elias as we learn how to develop the language to confidently talk about ALL aspects of equity and difference — race, age, gender, religion, and more!
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Creating a Culture of Compassion with Betty Hart, Damon Deaner, Thalia Mingo, and Jocelyn Williams

Creating a Culture of Compassion

Join theater artist, thought leader, and diversity facilitator Betty Hart along with a panel of executives on as we deconstruct the practice of "cancel culture" and offer ways for using compassion and curiosity instead.
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Justice, Equity & Inclusion Series | Brave Dialogues: Having Conversations that Matter

Join inclusive leadership expert Michelle Kim along with panel executives Trish Foster, Paul Francisco, Donna Tiner, and Pinar Kip as we explore communication solutions for addressing hate crimes, racism, sexism, mass shootings, homophobia, and transphobia in the workplace.
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Asian woman restaturant owner

FIGHTING HATE | See how you can support the Asian and Pacific Island Community today.

To our Asian and Pacific Island friends, colleagues, and community members: We stand with you - and against all acts of hate. To all who want to help: speak up, report incidents, volunteer, donate, and continue to learn – these are some ways we can take action now.
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Indian woman virtual learning

TRAINING | Change requires effort to reach outside of your comfort zone.

Take advantage of some incredible virtual programs to educate yourself, develop your skills and do the hard work needed to make change in the workplace and in life.
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healthy discussion among diverse women

AUDIO | Explore curated sessions & podcasts.

Add these select audio resources from timely podcasts, to your queue. Listen, let the knowledge sink in and talk to others about systemic racism and bias. Also, more to come here from the Conference for Women’s Best Breakouts audio series.
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middle eastern woman in library aisle

BOOKS | Knowledge is power.

Here are some books featuring authors from the Conferences for Women community and other visionaries who give voice to race, identity and culture.
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diverse group of anti-racism protesters holding handmade cardboard signs

SOCIAL INFLUENCERS | Understanding the climate in real-time is imperative.

Stay-connected by following this list of individuals, organizations and movements committed to racial justice.
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black business owner hanging open sign

TAKE ACTION | They speak louder than words.

Get involved by supporting black-owned business, donating to organizations making a positive difference, volunteering and voting. Check out a list of ways you can take action now.
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