Best Advice from CFW Speakers

We asked 2020 Virtual Massachusetts Conference for Women speakers to share the best career advice they ever received. In this clip, find out what Mariana Atencio, Rachel Cargle, Lisa Damour, Laura Huang, Caroline Wanga, Mel Robbins, and Tania Katan had to say!

Read the highlights below (paraphrased for brevity):

“Say yes to everything!”

–Mariana Atencio, award-winning journalist, co-founder, GoLike, and author

“Ultimately, any career risk I make is really just betting on myself.”

–Rachel Cargle, writer and advocate for women & intersectionality

“Help other perfectionists by demonstrating that you can make mistakes and still hold yourself in high regard.”

–Lisa Damour, psychologist, best-selling author, and New York Times columnist

“Keep the main thing the main thing.”

–Laura Huang, workplace and relationship expert

“If you accept your purpose and understand it, then accept that it will show up in ways outside of your control.”

–Caroline A. Wanga, interim chief executive officer, Essence Communications, Inc.

One, don’t ever walk into a job interview, pitch, or sales meeting without asking for the business. Always ask, because no one does. And two, the second you leave that meeting, forget it happened and go back to doing what you do best. The opportunities will come.”

–Mel Robbins, best-selling author, The Five Second Rule

“Throw out the playbook and make your own map toward success. Don’t try to hide your flaws, scars, and awkwardness—these are the things that make us valuable and individual.”

Tania Katan, creativity expert and author, Creative Trespassing