PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Get Unstuck with Goal-Setting

Whether you want to launch a business or adopt a new workout routine, setting a goal can mean the difference between dreaming about it and doing it. In this session, ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia details her unique goal-setting method. You will learn to push through limits, fuel your life with purpose, and find the momentum to achieve your goals—both professionally and personally.

Speaker:  Payal Kadakia, Founder, ClassPass & Author, LifePass

Moderator:  Erica Williams Simon, President, SageHouse; Founder, Snapchat’s Creators Lab; social impact Strategist & Author

Host:  Tiffany Martin-Ogilvie, Senior Director, Learning, UKG

Executive Spotlight:  Heike Krupka, VP, Senior Early Development Program Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb