CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

Whether you are assuming a leadership role for the first time, taking on a new role with greater responsibility, or working to expand your influence in your current position, leadership transitions are always a challenge—and especially this year. Herminia Ibarra, one of the foremost management thinkers in the world, shows how women can step up to greater leadership in 2021 by making small but crucial changes in their roles, networks, and leadership style. This session will change the way you think as a leader about what kind of work is important; how you should invest your time; why and which relationships matter in informing and supporting your leadership; and, ultimately, who you want to become.

Speaker:  Herminia Ibarra, organizational behavior professor & best-selling author @herminiaibarra

Session Host:  Angela Morris Lovelace, chief diversity, equity & inclusion officer, Silicon Valley Bank @svb_financial

Sponsor Spotlight:  Erin Platts, head, EMEA & president, UK branch, Silicon Valley Bank @svb_financial