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Vernā Myers

2025 Speaker
Vernā Myers

Speaker | DEI Pioneer and Inclusion Strategist

VERNĀ MYERS is a DEI pioneer, a highly sought-after DEI keynote speaker, and DEI Consultant. She is the Founder and President of The Vernā Myers Company and was the first executive head of inclusion at Netflix. Vernā is a Harvard-educated lawyer, best-selling author, TED speaker, podcast celebrity, and owner of her trademarked quote, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.®” With nearly three decades of experience, Vernā’s work as an inclusion strategist, cultural innovator, thought leader, and social commentator has guided myriad organizations across the world in dismantling barriers to inclusion and equity across race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, religion, and other differences. Her expertise and experience – personal and professional – have been instrumental in guiding workplaces toward embracing and integrating diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging into all facets of workplace operations. Information about her complete body of work can be found on