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Hillary Wicht

2024 Speaker

Speaker | Power Leaks: Communicating Effectively to Create Impact & Influence

HILLARY WICHT is a human systems expert and brings life to the phrase, “how we human is how we lead”. As an executive coach and thought leader, she specializes in the human skills, outside of the hard skills, that executives need to scale and move into exponential leadership.

She has been sought by the Stanford Entrepreneurial Program for her work in the psychology of pitching, tapped by the Wall Street Journal for her work on the impact of gender communication styles in the corporate realm, and featured as a thought leader on the TED stage on the power of perception, voice, and confidence. Wicht first learned about the power of voice and presence as a stage actress and voice performer. As a session singer she has shared her voice with people like American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson, Broadway star Idina Menzel, Hip-hop Legend LL Cool J and Rock n roll hall of famer Leonard Cohen. As a voice over talent she’s done commercial projects for companies such as McDonalds, Mattel, AT&T, and Toyota.

A high performer in the entertainment industry, as a collegiate athlete, and within business, it was her own innate growth mindset and continuous drive towards maximum results that led to constant evolution. Combining careers, life experiences, and academic pursuits, she has created a robust container of skills that speaks to the richness of transformation and the requirements to building exponential leaders. Wicht helps individuals and teams to get out of their rut-patterns and into their sweet spot.