How to Be Taken Seriously | That’s a Good Question (Replay)
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Negotiations & Equal Pay

businesswoman shaking hands with interviewer, thumbnail

How To Land The Job You Want At The Salary You Deserve (Article)

Ditch conventional tactics and learn four tips to keep in mind when searching for a job and negotiating your salary.
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Jean Chatzky

Your Pathway to a Richer Life With Jean Chatzky | 2019 Session (Audio)

Learn a three-part plan for understanding your life in relationship to your finances from TODAY's financial editor and best-selling author Jean Chatzky.
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Indian business woman in deep thought looking away from laptop

What to Do When You’re Chronically Underpaid | That's A Good Question (Podcast)

Learn what to do if you find yourself chronically underpaid in comparison to colleagues doing the same exact work from Bentley law lecturer Kiana Pierre-Louis.
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Nina Shaw

One Small Word that Can Help You Advance Equity at Work (Article)

Learn how can you speak up for equity in a way that brings other people along rather than risks an unproductive battle from entertainment lawyer Nina Shaw.
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