How to Listen Like You Mean It
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Negotiations & Equal Pay

Jean Chatzky

Your Pathway to a Richer Life With Jean Chatzky | 2019 Session (Audio)

Learn a three-part plan for understanding your life in relationship to your finances from TODAY's financial editor and best-selling author Jean Chatzky.
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Indian business woman in deep thought looking away from laptop

What to Do When You’re Chronically Underpaid | That's A Good Question (Podcast)

Learn what to do if you find yourself chronically underpaid in comparison to colleagues doing the same exact work from Bentley law lecturer Kiana Pierre-Louis.
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Nina Shaw

One Small Word that Can Help You Advance Equity at Work (Article)

Learn how can you speak up for equity in a way that brings other people along rather than risks an unproductive battle from entertainment lawyer Nina Shaw.
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