Reclaim Your Time: A Tool to Revive Your Life

According to researcher and author Jenny Odell, the clock we live by was built for profit and converted into productivity, not people. An all work and no play mentality doesn’t just lead to burnout; it can consume your mental capacity and actually stall your career. This session will offer a cerebral exploration of productivity and offer a brand-new practical approach outside the typical narratives of efficiency for experiencing time. Odell will help you slow down and reset so you can better navigate boundaries, bolster a more humane life and free up mental space to reinvigorate your sense of purpose at work and in life.

Speaker: Jenny Odell, Writer, Artist & best-selling Author, Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock

Host: Marissa Humphrey, CFO, PECO

Executive Spotlight: Marissa Humphrey, CFO, PECO