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Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Social Influence

diverse group of anti-racism protesters holding handmade cardboard signs

Understanding the racial climate in real-time is imperative. Stay-connected by following this list of individuals, organizations and movements committed to racial justice.

Connect. Be involved. Speak out.

Laysha Ward on LinkedIn– Laysha Ward, EVP & Chief External Engagement Officer at Target

@tiffanyjana on Instagram– Tiffany Jana, Non-binary Awareness Artist, B Corp founder, best selling author, Bias Hunter, Top 100 Speaker, unapologetically Black, Pleasure Activist

@violadavis on Twitter — Viola Davis, Academy-Award winning actress, philanthropist, and CEO/ Co-Founder of @JuVeeProds

@blklivesmatter on Instagram or @blklivesmatter on Twitter — BLM is an affirmation & embrace of the resistance & resilience of Black people.

@MsPackyetti on Twitter — Brittany Packnett Cunningham, learning in public. activist. writer. educator. Black. saved by grace.

@ckyourpriviledge on Instagram — Waking with folx on their journey to dismantle their relationship with systems of domination.

@rachel.cargle on Instagram — Rachel Cargle, building an intellectual legacy through teaching, storytelling & critical discourse

@msladyjustice1 on Twitter — Carmen Perez, President & CEO, Gathering for Justice, Founder, New York Justice League

@ibramxk on Instagram — Ibram X. KendiProf. Dir, Antiracism Center, writer for The Atlantic, NYT bestselling author

@ellmcgirt on Twitter — Ellen McGirt, I write a newsletter on race. I fly-fish. Happy stepmom. I represent the village that raises me daily. Let’s make the world better. (she/her)

@wearyourvoice on Instagram — Wear Your Voice is a digital feminist magazine for and by LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Black Girls Breathing is a safe space for black women to actively manage their mental health through breathwork and community.

Ayana Therapy shares mental healthcare providers for marginalized and intersectional communities.

Detox Local offers an extensive list of mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

The Equity in Mental Health Framework provides colleges and universities with ten recommendations and implementation strategies to help inform and strengthen their mental health support and programs for students of color. The Equity in Mental Health Toolkit offers additional support in implementing the recommendations in the Equity in Mental Health Framework, including supporting campus-based efforts to reduce shame and prejudice around mental illness, increase responsiveness, improve campus climate, and provide system wide opportunities to help all students thrive.