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Lorna Kapusta

2024 Speaker

Learning Burst I Planning for Your Financial Future

LORNA KAPUSTA is driven to help women become more actively involved and confident in their finances at every stage of life – a mission that became deeply personal after conquering her own financial stressors, getting more engaged and finding confidence in her family’s financial goals. In her role as head of women and engagement at Fidelity Investments, one of the industry’s largest and most diversified financial services companies, Kapusta is responsible for a firm-wide initiative committed to helping women become more engaged in their finances and ultimately, more confident investors. She leads a cross-company team focused on creating educational events and resources that help women get more hands on with their money and address financial planning and investing topics most important right now. Kapusta is passionate about helping women have that “a-ha moment” that brings to life how building a strong financial foundation and getting more invested can help their savings work harder to reach their goals.