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Eve Rodsky

2024 Speaker

Speaker | Cultivating Creativity and Collaboration in Workplace Culture

EVE RODSKY realized that simply identifying the issue of unequal labor on the home front wasn’t enough: she needed a solution to this universal problem. Her sanity, identity, career, and marriage depended on it. Armed with data, research,  her Harvard Law School training, and years of organizational management experience, Rodsky set out to create a system for domestic labor that mirrored systems in the most efficient corporate organizations. Her Fair Play system creates delineated roles, specific assignments, and explicitly defined expectations that empower both partners to take the lead, stay in their own lane and ultimately—support sustainable relationships that thrive. Fair Play was instantly recognized for its life-changing strategy.  In her follow-up book, Find Your Unicorn Space, Rodsky realized that even when the domestic workload becomes more balanced, people still report something missing in their lives—that is, unless they create and prioritize time for activities that not only fill their calendars but also unleash their creativity.  She helps others to embrace all the unlikely, surprising, and delightful places where their own Unicorn Space may be found. Rodsky attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate and earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. She worked in foundation management at J.P. Morgan before founding the Philanthropy Advisory Group to advise high-net-worth families and charitable foundations on best practices for harmonious operations, governance, and disposition of funds. Rodsky was born and raised by a single mom in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their three children.