Lisa Nichols: On How to Be Resilient and Joyful in 2021

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker and bestselling author, is one of those rare women who seem to have mastered the art of being joyful—no matter what. That’s why we thought she would be the perfect person to ask for her ideas about how to be resilient and joyful in 2021, which is already proving itself another interesting year!

10 top tips for how to go through 2021—with maximum resilience and joy

  1. Focus more on what you want than what you are trying to get away from.
  2. Pivot with a sense purpose. Don’t be a victim. Don’t surrender your leadership.
  3. Remember Steven Covey’s 80-20 rule: Focus 80 percent of your time on what you can influence and only 20 percent of what you worry about.
  4. Notice what you get to do (because of what you can’t do now.)
  5. Focus on gratitude. It will lessen your anxiety.
  6. Trust your bounce-back muscles.
  7. Silence the negative nanny.
  8. Look for evidence of you making it through difficult times. What did you do in 2020 that blew your own mind?
  9. Bet on you, not the horse.
  10. Be the lighthouse in 2021. Don’t look for the day to make you happy. Step into the day joyful and be infectious of the day.

Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO, whose global platform has reached and served nearly 80 million people.

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Manage Your Mindset with Mel Robbins’ Wake-Up Routine

With all the extraordinary stresses we are under today, Mel Robbins—motivational speaker, author and creator of “The 5 Second Rule”—has a simple morning routine she recommends for every woman trying to manage her mindset to boost focus and motivation in 2021.

1. Under no circumstances, sleep with your phone.

It’s like inviting the world in your bed with you, she says, because the first thing we all do if our phone is there is check it as soon as we wake up. Instead, put it in another room, silence your messages, and tell your kids to call you if they need you. (They probably won’t.)

2. Engage your five senses before you let anything from the outside world in.

  • Look at something that brings you joy or happiness: a photo of someone you love, a beautiful quote, a book of prayers or meditations.
  • Listen for silence. Have a mindfulness practice, pray, meditate, practice gratitude, chant, think, journal. Anything quiet.
  • Smell something beautiful. Light a candle or incense.
  • Taste something that will serve you in this moment.
  • Feel your body moving. Research shows one of the fastest ways to increase your focus is through 20 minutes of exercise.

3. Set an intention for the day.

Think about the one thing you most want to make progress on in the day.

After that, she says, you can let the rest of the world in because you will have now set up your own day for success, joy, happiness, and feeling in control.

“That,” she adds, “is how we do it in a pandemic.”


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