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Donna Tiner

Donna TinerDONNA TINER is vice president and manager of financial services for global risk solutions at Liberty Mutual Insurance. She is an executive leader with over 20 years of experience at the company, driving organizational transformations in finance, reinsurance, information management, and premium audit. In her current role, Tiner is responsible for providing billing, audit, and credit risk services for large commercial and specialty lines policyholders, and she leads an organization of over 350 finance professionals located throughout the United States.

Tiner believes that there are several critical tools that leaders need in order to transform work and unlock the potential of their teams: technology, analytics, and process redesign, but none are more important than the voice of the employee. By composing diverse teams with complementary skill sets, honoring the value of all work, and continuous and transparent communications, she has been successful in defining and executing challenging business strategies that improve delivery quality while increasing employee engagement.

Tiner earned a BA in finance from University of Houston and a master’s degree in finance from Boston College. @libertymutual

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