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woman connecting with nature while releasing limiting beliefs, thumbnail

How To Crush Limiting Beliefs That May Be Holding You Back (Article)

Learn four practical ways to better tend to yourself, transform your mind, and crush limiting beliefs right now!
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Indian woman taking a pause at work (thumbnail)

5 Ways to Cultivate Peace at Your Desk (Article)

Discover five simple ways to cultivate peace right from your desk in order to strike better work/life balance.
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woman meditating while sitting, thumbnail

Five Practices to Reconnect with Yourself and Feel Refreshed During the Day (Article)

Give yourself a morning pick-me-up — or beat a midday slump — with Mallika Chopra's five ways for feeling refreshed and renewed during the day!
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Drop the Ball—Achieving More By Doing Less With Tiffany Dufu (Audio)

Learn to give yourself permission to drop the ball, reevaluate priorities, embrace imperfection and alter expectations to focus on the goals that truly matter to you from former poster child for doing it all Tiffany Dufu.
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Anne Grady

How to Cultivate the Resilience We Need Now (Podcast)

Join resilience expert and top-rated Conferences for Women speaker Anne Grady for inspiration and practical advice for cultivating courage, improving resilience, better navigating uncertainty, and bringing sanity to insane times.
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burned out business woman asleep at desk

Four Simple Ways to Beat Burnout (Article)

Learn simple hacks that you can do to boost your well-being right now that don't require much time from Yale University psychology professor and Silliman College head Laurie Santos.
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Mel Robbins

Manage Your Mindset with Mel Robbins' Wake-Up Routine (Article)

Learn the simple morning routine that Mel Robbins—motivational speaker, author and creator of "The 5 Second Rule"—recommends for every woman.
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Celeste Headlee

"Do Nothing" by Celeste Headlee (Book Reading)

Join award-winning journalist and author Celeste Headlee as she reads an excerpt from her book, "Do Nothing" for attendees at the 2020 Virtual Pennsylvania Conference for Women.
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Emily Nagoski

"Burnout" by Emily Nagoski (Book Reading)

Join Emily Nagoski, doctor and award-winning co-author of "Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle" as she reads an excerpt from her book for attendees of the 2021 California Conference for Women.
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