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Anti-Racism: Skills For the Workplace Now

Anti-Racism: Skills For the Workplace Now | Justice, Equity & Inclusion Series

As we find ourselves at a tipping point, we must all take action together in order to move justice from being an idea to an authentic culture. Hence, in this episode of our Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Series, nationally recognized anti-bias/anti-racist educator Britt Hawthorne prepares us to work toward justice as she teaches us how to challenge racism and bias each and every day — even in the workplace.

While doing so, she provides a framework for white professionals to better understand what it truly means to be anti-racist and shares actionable steps for implementing changes immediately using the pyramid of accountability. Hawthorne also discusses ways Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color can empower and advocate for themselves in the workplace when racism strikes.

Following Hawthorne’ presentation, she’s joined by FORTUNE senior editor and RaceAhead columnist Ellen McGirt for a thought-provoking exploration on systemic understanding and education. Catch the replay below.