Speaking Up Impactfully…Without Risking Your Reputation

Have you been in a meeting and disagreed with a colleague but stayed silent? Have you personally experienced or been a bystander to disparaging comments? The ability to speak up can be complicated, especially in the workplace. Yet your silence can have lasting negative impacts on your ability to drive positive change for yourself and others. In this session, inclusion strategist and bestselling author Amber Cabral will offer a mix of communications tactics that arm you with the skills and language to speak up impactfully and with confidence. Walk away with the tools to advocate effectively, gain respect in the workplace and accelerate your career.

Speaker: Amber Cabral, Founder, Cabral Co, Inclusion Strategist and Author, Say More About That

Host: Marian Heard, President & CEO, Oxen Hill Partners and Board Vice Chair, MA Conference for Women


Transform & Glow: Mastering the Art of Self-Healing

In the current, frenetic climate, self-care is more essential than ever, but few of us have the tool kit necessary to nurture ourselves. Stripped of her job and grappling with resurfaced traumas during the pandemic, Tara Schuster faced a reckoning that led to radical self-healing. Sharing her time-tested strategies, Tara will address the root causes of anxiety and how to navigate through trauma to move beyond feeling emotionally drained and directionless and find a purpose greater than yourself. This workshop offers access to the self-care superpowers needed to reclaim your authentic self and reignite your inner light. Prepare to be empowered and come ready to glow!

Speaker: Tara Schuster, best-selling Author, Former VP, Client Development, Comedy Central

Host: Kajal Gupta, Small Business Strategy & Initiatives Executive, Bank of America 


Fixed Flexibility: How to Negotiate What You Need to Stay

The workplace has evolved over the last several years, and employee priorities have shifted dramatically as well. Beyond compensation, professionals are placing tremendous value on flexibility, quality of life and career growth – and they are willing to walk away if their needs are not met. This session will offer negotiation strategies that leverage your skills and strengths to secure what you need to stay. Learn actionable steps that allow you to emerge in the strongest position possible.

Speaker: Meg Myers Morgan, PhD, Author & Executive Coach

Host: Madeyline Brown, VP, North America Channel Inside Sales, Dell Technologies & TX Conference for Women Board Member 


Navigating Age in a Multigenerational Workplace

There are five different generations of employees in the workforce and for the first time in history, grandparents and grandchildren may find themselves working side-by side in an office. This session will explore the importance of and the ways to harness an age-diverse workforce. After initial remarks from the thought-leader, a panel of professionals will share their experience around navigating age in a multigenerational workplace. Learn tips to bridge the divide, address generational conflict and biases, and create a culture of inclusion where age is celebrated and respected.

Speaker: Carolina Caro, Leadership & DEI Speaker, Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Host: Crysta Dungee, Head, US DEI, Takeda Pharmaceuticals 

Executive Spotlight: Evonne Delaney, CHRO, Yeti

LEADERSHIP | Rethinking Imposter Syndrome & Creating a Culture of Belonging

For too long, the narrative of imposter syndrome has persisted in the workplace. But why does so-called imposter syndrome impact women’s career progression specifically? Learn why the current messaging around this topic is flawed from Ruchika Tulshyan, co-author of “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome,” named among the top 20 most impactful and popular articles in Harvard Business Review‘s history. Find out how leaders can create environments where imposter syndrome doesn’t stall careers and develop work cultures where everyone feels they belong.

Speaker:  Ruchika Tulshyan, Author, Inclusion on Purpose, and Co-Author, “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome” (Harvard Business Review)

Host:  Niharika Khaitan, VP, Corporate Controller, Juniper Networks

Executive Spotlight:  Perika Sampson, Global Head, Inclusion & Diversity, Gilead Sciences

CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Better Together: Shared Sisterhood for Collective Action

As the saying goes, if you want to go far, go together. But how can we forge professional relationships to go the distance? In this session, Dr. Tina Opie shares a framework that embraces connection and coalition-building to counter the traditional transactional, every-person-for-themselves approach to career advancement. Learn how to form deep and lasting connections with colleagues that are more authentically reciprocal to help advance both our individual and shared interests as women.

Speaker:  Dr. Tina Opie, Co-Author, Shared Sisterhood

Host:  Perika Sampson, Global Head, Inclusion & Diversity, Gilead Sciences

Executive Spotlight:  Mary Bui-Pham, Vice President, Strategy & Operations, Indeed


We never seem to have enough time to do it all. Professor of Behavioral Decision Making Cassie Holmes says that time isn’t only a challenge, it’s also the solution. Learn how to take control of time and wisely use this precious resource to make our lives brighter and happier. Cassie will show you why too much free time is as bad as too little, how we can get time-rich instead of time-poor, and actionable strategies for designing a happier week.

Speaker:  Cassie Holmes, Expert on Time and Happiness & best-selling Author, Happier Hour

Host:  Megan Sugiyama, VP, IP & Product, Cohesity

Executive Spotlight:  Kate Masschelein, Vice President, Digital Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

LEADERSHIP | Mindful Leadership

Leaders today are expected to make countless quick decisions in unprecedented and uncertain circumstances when they are already stretched thin. In this session, Chopra Global CEO Mallika Chopra explains how mindfulness can help leaders find stability and clarity in times of disruption. She shares specific practices and strategies to help you ground your decision making, find focus, and avoid burnout.

Speaker:  Mallika Chopra, Author & CEO, Chopra Global

Host:  Marcia Rothschild, Head of Latin America & the Caribbean and Management Committee Member, State Street

Executive Spotlight:  Janet Dorling, SVP, Global Commercial Product Strategy, Gilead Sciences

CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Othering & Belonging

No matter how confident we might feel about our identities, microaggressions can make us feel like perpetual outsiders. Former editorial assistant Zakiya Dalila Harris became a best-selling author with the publication of The Other Black Girl, her debut novel about an African-American woman navigating a nearly all-white company rife with subtle and often unintentional discrimination. In this conversation, she talks about code-switching, workplace isolation, and what we can all do to create a greater sense of belonging on our teams.

Speaker:  Zakiya Dalila Harris, best-selling Author, The Other Black Girl

Moderator:  Laysha Ward, EVP, Chief External Engagement Officer, Target

Board Spotlight:  Katharine Pullis, Director, San Francisco Base Chief Pilot, Alaska Airlines


We are living in the age of anxiety. But what if you had a way to leverage your anxiety to help you solve problems and fortify your wellbeing? What if, instead of seeing anxiety as a burden, we could recognize it for the unique gift that it is? In this session, Neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki shares cutting-edge research and strategies that will help you manage anxiety by listening to it from a place of curiosity and allowing it to guide you onto a path that leads to joy.

Speaker:  Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Neuroscientist & Author, Good Anxiety

Host:  Sarajeni Hammond, Executive Director, Human Resources, Bayer