Reclaim Your Time: A Tool to Revive Your Life

According to researcher and author Jenny Odell, the clock we live by was built for profit and converted into productivity, not people. An all work and no play mentality doesn’t just lead to burnout; it can consume your mental capacity and actually stall your career. This session will offer a cerebral exploration of productivity and offer a brand-new practical approach outside the typical narratives of efficiency for experiencing time. Odell will help you slow down and reset so you can better navigate boundaries, bolster a more humane life and free up mental space to reinvigorate your sense of purpose at work and in life.

Speaker: Jenny Odell, Writer, Artist & best-selling Author, Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock

Host: Marissa Humphrey, CFO, PECO

Executive Spotlight: Marissa Humphrey, CFO, PECO


Transform & Glow: Mastering the Art of Self-Healing

In the current, frenetic climate, self-care is more essential than ever, but few of us have the tool kit necessary to nurture ourselves. Stripped of her job and grappling with resurfaced traumas during the pandemic, Tara Schuster faced a reckoning that led to radical self-healing. Sharing her time-tested strategies, Tara will address the root causes of anxiety and how to navigate through trauma to move beyond feeling emotionally drained and directionless and find a purpose greater than yourself. This workshop offers access to the self-care superpowers needed to reclaim your authentic self and reignite your inner light. Prepare to be empowered and come ready to glow!

Speaker: Tara Schuster, best-selling Author, Former VP, Client Development, Comedy Central

Host: Kajal Gupta, Small Business Strategy & Initiatives Executive, Bank of America 


Fair Play at Home: Creating Time for Your Personal & Professional Growth

In today’s fast-paced world, creating time for yourself is essential to living a fulfilling life and Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play Method offers a game-changing approach to creating that time. Join us as Rodsky applies a system to redistribute household responsibilities in a way that promotes equity, efficiency, and teamwork that will free up your mental space and time. Learn to set boundaries and discover strategies for effective communication and collaboration that will reduce stress and enable you to achieve your personal growth goals while maintaining a rich inner life.

Speaker: Eve Rodsky, New York Times best-selling Author & Creative Leadership Expert

Host: Iman Abbasi, CHRO, PLUME

Executive Spotlight:  Jean English, SVP, CMO, Juniper


What would happen if you didn’t have savings, income, or a financial safety net? Anxiety that stems from money (or lack thereof) can have a big impact on your health and well-being. One of America’s leading personal finance experts Farnoosh Torabi shares how we can leverage our financial fears for the better. Learn how to turn your financial fears into a potent motivator for taking the right steps to avoid common pitfalls.

Speaker:  Farnoosh Torabi, America’s leading Personal Finance Expert & Author, When She Makes More

Host:  Cassie Divine, Senior Vice President, QuickBooks Platform


We never seem to have enough time to do it all. Professor of Behavioral Decision Making Cassie Holmes says that time isn’t only a challenge, it’s also the solution. Learn how to take control of time and wisely use this precious resource to make our lives brighter and happier. Cassie will show you why too much free time is as bad as too little, how we can get time-rich instead of time-poor, and actionable strategies for designing a happier week.

Speaker:  Cassie Holmes, Expert on Time and Happiness & best-selling Author, Happier Hour

Host:  Megan Sugiyama, VP, IP & Product, Cohesity

Executive Spotlight:  Kate Masschelein, Vice President, Digital Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Living Joyfully After Loss

There is a stigma around grief, as if this very common human emotion requires us to suppress it, hide from it, or move past it. In this session, author Marisa Renee Lee will discuss what it looks like to live a joyful life after experiencing a significant loss. She will help us navigate the complicated and challenging emotions we face when experiencing grief or supporting others through it, offering unique insights for women.

Speaker:  Marisa Renee Lee, Grief Advocate & Author, Grief Is Love

Host:  Laysha Ward, EVP, Chief External Engagement Officer, Target

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Breaking the Spell of High Conflict

Conflict, whether political or personal, can escalate and become toxic, as we keep seeing in the news, on social media, and in our own lives. Our brains start sorting the world into good and evil, exaggerating the differences between ourselves and others. In this session, Amanda Ripley reveals how people get bewitched by this kind of “high conflict” and offers tips for resisting it. You’ll leave with fresh ideas for how to communicate across differences and navigate conflict in ways that are useful instead of draining and divisive.

Speaker:  Amanda Ripley, Investigative Journalist & best-selling Author, High Conflict

Host:  Rachel Scott, Vice President, Order to Cash, Cohesity

Executive Spotlight:  Betsy Davis, SVP Seller, Marketing, & Data Experiences, Dell

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Get Unstuck with Goal-Setting

Whether you want to launch a business or adopt a new workout routine, setting a goal can mean the difference between dreaming about it and doing it. In this session, ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia details her unique goal-setting method. You will learn to push through limits, fuel your life with purpose, and find the momentum to achieve your goals—both professionally and personally.

Speaker:  Payal Kadakia, Founder, ClassPass & Author, LifePass

Moderator:  Erica Williams Simon, President, SageHouse; Founder, Snapchat’s Creators Lab; social impact Strategist & Author

Host:  Tiffany Martin-Ogilvie, Senior Director, Learning, UKG

Executive Spotlight:  Heike Krupka, VP, Senior Early Development Program Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb


We are living in the age of anxiety. But what if you had a way to leverage your anxiety to help you solve problems and fortify your wellbeing? What if, instead of seeing anxiety as a burden, we could recognize it for the unique gift that it is? In this session, Neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki shares cutting-edge research and strategies that will help you manage anxiety by listening to it from a place of curiosity and allowing it to guide you onto a path that leads to joy.

Speaker:  Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Neuroscientist & Author, Good Anxiety

Host:  Sarajeni Hammond, Executive Director, Human Resources, Bayer

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | How to Raise an Adult in Times of Crisis

Upon its release in 2015, Julie Lythcott-Haims’ provocative manifesto, How to Raise an Adult, turned helicopter parenting on its head and offered a new path to parenting independent children to self-sufficient adulthood. Now in 2021, parents are facing very different realities like remote learning, work from home, and the confluence of multiple crises. In this session, she shares timely advice for allowing children to make their own mistakes and develop the resilience, resourcefulness, and inner determination necessary during challenging times. She draws special attention to talking to kids about race and systemic racism and building independence skills even when social distancing.

Speaker:  Julie Lythcott-Haims, author, How to Raise an Adult and Your Turn: How to Be an Adult @jlythcotthaims

Session Host:  Maria Weaver, chief people officer, Niantic Inc. @NianticLabs

Sponsor Spotlight:  Lilian Kee, director, business operations, BeiGene @beigeneusa