Leading Flexible Teams to Do the Best Work of Their Lives

The way we work has changed and the expectation now from our team members is for more flexible work. As a result, successful leaders are redesigning every aspect of how work gets done to ensure a level playing field for all employees. In this session, Helen Kupp will offer a blueprint for using flexible work to unlock the potential of your people and outline the steps necessary to build the new principles and guardrails to empower flexible, high-performing teams. Attendees will learn how to utilize AI to create flexibility without overburdening teams and walk away with a better understanding of the outcomes for redesigning the way we work together for truly flexible and productive teamwork.

Speaker: Helen Kupp, Author, How The Future Works

Host: Michelle Janisch, VP, Diagnostics, Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Hologic

Executive Spotlight: Nasim Afsar, Chief Health Officer & SVP, Oracle


Power Leaks: Communicating Effectively to Create Impact & Influence

There is an art and science to influential communication and it starts with the voice. Yet, very few know how to use the power of voice effectively. Worse, we have many unconscious habits that undermine our authority and negatively impact the way we are perceived – ultimately getting in the way of our success. Join this session to explore the biggest communication power leaks that siphon away our impact and influence. You will learn the strategies to navigate common communication challenges so that you can establish trust, have your voice heard, and your ideas respected. Walk away with the skills to better advocate, influence and move people to action.

Speaker: Hillary Wicht, Executive Leadership Coach & Human Systems Expert

Host: Linda West, VP, Marketing Systems, Indeed 

Executive Spotlight: Doreen Burse, SVP, Worldwide Sales, United Airlines


Navigating Age in a Multigenerational Workplace

There are five different generations of employees in the workforce and for the first time in history, grandparents and grandchildren may find themselves working side-by side in an office. This session will explore the importance of and the ways to harness an age-diverse workforce. After initial remarks from the thought-leader, a panel of professionals will share their experience around navigating age in a multigenerational workplace. Learn tips to bridge the divide, address generational conflict and biases, and create a culture of inclusion where age is celebrated and respected.

Speaker: Carolina Caro, Leadership & DEI Speaker, Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Host: Crysta Dungee, Head, US DEI, Takeda Pharmaceuticals 

Executive Spotlight: Evonne Delaney, CHRO, Yeti

LEADERSHIP | Leadership in the Permacrisis

The workplace has changed, and leadership is no exception. In a permacrisis, how can leaders manage uncertainty while building strong teams and intentional culture? Disruptive leadership expert Charlene Li shares the art and science of showing up as a leader in the new world of work. She shares how leaders at all levels can rethink key relationships and create environments of integrity, agency, and openness where everyone thrives.

Speaker:  Charlene Li, best-selling Author, The Disruption Mindset, Transformational Leadership & Strategy Expert

LEADERSHIP | The “Next” Normal: Leadership for Now and Tomorrow

For all the focus on the “new normal” of work, we also need to be thinking about the next normal—a world in which flexibility and resilience are the coins of the realm. This session will offer leaders ideas to manage hybrid teams right now as well as how to adopt a “next normal” mentality so you are ready to deal with future business interruptions and evolutions.

Speaker:  Stephanie Mehta, CEO, Mansueto Ventures & former Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company

Moderator:  Rachana Bhide, Leadership Psychologist, Broadcaster & Founder, The Corner of the Court Project

Host:  Julie Lane, Director, People & Communities, Cisco

Executive Spotlight:  Claire Gray, VP, People & Communities, Cisco

LEADERSHIP | Rethinking Imposter Syndrome & Creating a Culture of Belonging

For too long, the narrative of imposter syndrome has persisted in the workplace. But why does so-called imposter syndrome impact women’s career progression specifically? Learn why the current messaging around this topic is flawed from Ruchika Tulshyan, co-author of “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome,” named among the top 20 most impactful and popular articles in Harvard Business Review‘s history. Find out how leaders can create environments where imposter syndrome doesn’t stall careers and develop work cultures where everyone feels they belong.

Speaker:  Ruchika Tulshyan, Author, Inclusion on Purpose, and Co-Author, “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome” (Harvard Business Review)

Host:  Niharika Khaitan, VP, Corporate Controller, Juniper Networks

Executive Spotlight:  Perika Sampson, Global Head, Inclusion & Diversity, Gilead Sciences

LEADERSHIP | Perseverance: Leading a Team to Mars

In 2021, aerospace engineer Dr. Swati Mohan made history when she successfully steered the rover to Mars’s surface, calmly narrating a challenging landing while the whole world watched. In this session, she shares what it takes to build a team to achieve marvels and to lead under pressure so that you can land your own bold missions.

Speaker:  Dr. Swati Mohan, Psyche Guidance, Navigation, & Control Lead, NASA/JPL

Moderator:  Celeste Headlee, Host, Women Amplified podcast, award-winning Journalist & Author, Speaking of Race

Host:  Doreen Burse, SVP, Worldwide Sales, United Airlines

Executive Spotlight:  Kristy Harris Bias, Vice President, Finance, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies

LEADERSHIP | Mindful Leadership

Leaders today are expected to make countless quick decisions in unprecedented and uncertain circumstances when they are already stretched thin. In this session, Chopra Global CEO Mallika Chopra explains how mindfulness can help leaders find stability and clarity in times of disruption. She shares specific practices and strategies to help you ground your decision making, find focus, and avoid burnout.

Speaker:  Mallika Chopra, Author & CEO, Chopra Global

Host:  Marcia Rothschild, Head of Latin America & the Caribbean and Management Committee Member, State Street

Executive Spotlight:  Janet Dorling, SVP, Global Commercial Product Strategy, Gilead Sciences

LEADERSHIP | Psychological Safety at Work

Psychological safety — the belief that one can speak up without the risk of punishment or humiliation — is critical for the functioning of great teams. Unfortunately, WFH and hybrid working makes psychological safety anything but straightforward. In this session, Amy Edmondson shares her groundbreaking work on psychological safety—revealing how leaders can reimagine the workplace now and allow everyone to contribute and excel.

Speaker:  Amy Edmondson, pioneer of psychological safety & Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

Host:  Abby Evans, Senior Director, Talent Management, Niantic Labs

Executive Spotlight:  Mary Bui-Pham, Vice President, Strategy & Operations, Indeed

LEADERSHIP | How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact

Leaders are dealing with one of the most daunting periods of mass resignation in history. But offering more incentives may not be the answer. So, what is? Drawing on a deep understanding of the science of happiness and how it needs to evolve in our changing times, Jenn Lim shares how authentic leaders can help employees connect their purpose to the company’s mission and make a bigger impact on growth and success.

Speaker:  Jenn Lim, Co-Founder & CEO, Delivering Happiness, and best-selling Author, Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose & People for Growth & Impact

Host:  Leslie Moore, VP, Global Corporate Communications, Juniper Networks

Executive Spotlight:  Ashla Singh, International Product Manager, Roche