Speaking Up Impactfully…Without Risking Your Reputation

Have you been in a meeting and disagreed with a colleague but stayed silent? Have you personally experienced or been a bystander to disparaging comments? The ability to speak up can be complicated, especially in the workplace. Yet your silence can have lasting negative impacts on your ability to drive positive change for yourself and others. In this session, inclusion strategist and bestselling author Amber Cabral will offer a mix of communications tactics that arm you with the skills and language to speak up impactfully and with confidence. Walk away with the tools to advocate effectively, gain respect in the workplace and accelerate your career.

Speaker: Amber Cabral, Founder, Cabral Co, Inclusion Strategist and Author, Say More About That

Host: Marian Heard, President & CEO, Oxen Hill Partners and Board Vice Chair, MA Conference for Women


Essential Labor: What Caregivers Really Need from Workplaces

Domestic care and labor make all other work possible, yet workplaces have yet to find a solution to fully support caregivers. If “mothering” is among the only essential work humans do, why don’t we have a social safety net to support them? This session, designed for everyone – including and especially people who aren’t parents – will expand our understanding of what ‘mothering’ can and should look like. Acclaimed author Angela Garbes will explore assumptions about care, work and deservedness and offer strategies to imagine and achieve a more equitable and caring path forward.

Speaker: Angela Garbes, National best-selling Author, Essential Labor

Host: Alba Kiihl, Managing Director, Head, Compliance Risk Testing, State Street Corporation

Executive Spotlight: Ann Fogarty, EVP & Head, Global Diversity, State Street Corporation


Strengthening Social Connection, Community, And Collaboration… And Why It Matters

The need for connection is fundamentally human and underlies everything—our health, our motivation, our work, and our sense of who we are. And yet, we are in the middle of a loneliness epidemic and our communities are disconnected. In this session, Dr. Marisa Franco will share insights into the science of connection and why belonging makes individuals and communities more resilient. She will share skills and hands-on tips for initiating and maintaining collaboration, community, and friendship.

Speaker: Dr. Marisa Franco, Psychologist, Professor & New York Times best-selling Author, Platonic

Host: Stacey Furtado, Sr. Director, Internal Communications, Klaviyo

Executive Spotlight: Katie Mazuk, VP, Patient Experience & Customer Solutions, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine