LEADERSHIP | Mindful Leadership

Leaders today are expected to make countless quick decisions in unprecedented and uncertain circumstances when they are already stretched thin. In this session, Chopra Global CEO Mallika Chopra explains how mindfulness can help leaders find stability and clarity in times of disruption. She shares specific practices and strategies to help you ground your decision making, find focus, and avoid burnout.

Speaker:  Mallika Chopra, Author & CEO, Chopra Global

Host:  Marcia Rothschild, Head of Latin America & the Caribbean and Management Committee Member, State Street

Executive Spotlight:  Janet Dorling, SVP, Global Commercial Product Strategy, Gilead Sciences

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Breaking the Spell of High Conflict

Conflict, whether political or personal, can escalate and become toxic, as we keep seeing in the news, on social media, and in our own lives. Our brains start sorting the world into good and evil, exaggerating the differences between ourselves and others. In this session, Amanda Ripley reveals how people get bewitched by this kind of “high conflict” and offers tips for resisting it. You’ll leave with fresh ideas for how to communicate across differences and navigate conflict in ways that are useful instead of draining and divisive.

Speaker:  Amanda Ripley, Investigative Journalist & best-selling Author, High Conflict

Host:  Rachel Scott, Vice President, Order to Cash, Cohesity

Executive Spotlight:  Betsy Davis, SVP Seller, Marketing, & Data Experiences, Dell

CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Say It Skillfully: How to Speak Your Mind at Work

The new hybrid workspace provides unique opportunities for team collaboration—and many potential communication pitfalls. Whether you are struggling to be heard while working remotely or preparing for a difficult conversation in-person, learning Molly Tschang’s 3-step framework will help you effectively use your voice.

Speaker:  Molly Tschang, Founder & CEO, Abella Consulting, and Host, Say It Skillfully podcast

Host:  Deniqua Crichlow, Senior Director, Human Resources, Cisco

Executive Spotlight:  Le Louis, Chief Engineer & Program Manager, Raytheon Intelligence & Space

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT | Get Unstuck with Goal-Setting

Whether you want to launch a business or adopt a new workout routine, setting a goal can mean the difference between dreaming about it and doing it. In this session, ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia details her unique goal-setting method. You will learn to push through limits, fuel your life with purpose, and find the momentum to achieve your goals—both professionally and personally.

Speaker:  Payal Kadakia, Founder, ClassPass & Author, LifePass

Moderator:  Erica Williams Simon, President, SageHouse; Founder, Snapchat’s Creators Lab; social impact Strategist & Author

Host:  Tiffany Martin-Ogilvie, Senior Director, Learning, UKG

Executive Spotlight:  Heike Krupka, VP, Senior Early Development Program Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb

CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Playing the Long Game in Your Career

Even before the pandemic, many of us felt stuck on a hamster wheel, reacting to what is in front of us with no time or energy for anything else. Years of disruption and uncertainty have made short-term thinking the norm and stymied many long-term plans. In this session, Dorie Clark invites you to break out of the frantic day-to-day routine and transform your career by playing the long game. Learn new strategies for gaining momentum to create a more meaningful life.

Speaker:  Dorie Clark, reinvention expert & best-selling Author, The Long Game

Host:  Laurie Evans, Director, Recruiting, Core, Google

Executive Spotlight:  Gayathri Menon, Senior Director, SW Validation & Verification Engineering, Hologic, Inc.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Othering & Belonging

No matter how confident we might feel about our identities, microaggressions can make us feel like perpetual outsiders. Former editorial assistant Zakiya Dalila Harris became a best-selling author with the publication of The Other Black Girl, her debut novel about an African-American woman navigating a nearly all-white company rife with subtle and often unintentional discrimination. In this conversation, she talks about code-switching, workplace isolation, and what we can all do to create a greater sense of belonging on our teams.

Speaker:  Zakiya Dalila Harris, best-selling Author, The Other Black Girl

Moderator:  Laysha Ward, EVP, Chief External Engagement Officer, Target

Board Spotlight:  Katharine Pullis, Director, San Francisco Base Chief Pilot, Alaska Airlines


We are living in the age of anxiety. But what if you had a way to leverage your anxiety to help you solve problems and fortify your wellbeing? What if, instead of seeing anxiety as a burden, we could recognize it for the unique gift that it is? In this session, Neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki shares cutting-edge research and strategies that will help you manage anxiety by listening to it from a place of curiosity and allowing it to guide you onto a path that leads to joy.

Speaker:  Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Neuroscientist & Author, Good Anxiety

Host:  Sarajeni Hammond, Executive Director, Human Resources, Bayer

LEADERSHIP | Psychological Safety at Work

Psychological safety — the belief that one can speak up without the risk of punishment or humiliation — is critical for the functioning of great teams. Unfortunately, WFH and hybrid working makes psychological safety anything but straightforward. In this session, Amy Edmondson shares her groundbreaking work on psychological safety—revealing how leaders can reimagine the workplace now and allow everyone to contribute and excel.

Speaker:  Amy Edmondson, pioneer of psychological safety & Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

Host:  Abby Evans, Senior Director, Talent Management, Niantic Labs

Executive Spotlight:  Mary Bui-Pham, Vice President, Strategy & Operations, Indeed

Afternoon Keynote Session

Master of Ceremonies: Celeste Headlee, Host, Women Amplified podcast, award-winning Journalist & Author, Speaking of Race

Aruna Ravichandran, CMO/VP Webex by Cisco

Dolores Huerta, President & Founder, Dolores Huerta Foundation
Moderated by Eva Longoria, Actress, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur & Activist

Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks

Mary J. Blige, award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Producer & Philanthropist
Moderated by Ellen McGirt, Founder, Sweet Equity Media, Fortune Editor raceAhead, co-host of Fortune’s Leadership Next podcast

Jennifer Meade, President, Breast & Skeletal Health Solutions, Hologic, Inc.