CAREER ADVANCEMENT | Own Your Power at Work

​​Being “the other” at work can fuel an unyielding need to prove one’s worth. So, like many other women of color, immigrants, and children of immigrants, MSNBC reporter Daniela Pierre-Bravo became an expert shapeshifter to chameleon her way around professional environments. She shares what she has learned about recognizing your power and how to effectively advocate for yourself, become your biggest believer, claim the spaces in your career that are rightfully yours, and create your vision of success.

Speaker:  Daniela Pierre-Bravo, MSNBC Reporter & Author, Earn It! and The Other

Host:  Beth Basham, Sr Director, IT for R&D, Bristol Myers Squibb

Executive Spotlight:  Laura Guio, GM, Strategic Partnership Kyndryl & California Sr. Executive, IBM Consulting