LEADERSHIP | Breaking Barriers & Leading the Way Together

For 30+ years, Nina Shaw has been breaking barriers for her clients, herself, and others as one of Hollywood’s most powerful dealmakers. But she hasn’t done it alone. In this inspiring session, she speaks with CNN news anchor and author of Huddle Brooke Baldwin about enacting meaningful change by bringing more chairs to the table—a phenomenon that Baldwin calls “huddling.” They discuss the power of banding together for strength and solidarity through formal organizations like Time’s Up, which Shaw co-founded, and more informal networks of allies. Join this session to learn how a huddle can help leaders of all kinds face adversity or organize to make the world a better place.

Speaker:  Nina Shaw, award-winning entertainment lawyer, activist & diversity advocate

Session Moderator:  Brooke Baldwin, CNN news anchor, host, CNN digital series, American Woman & author, Huddle @brookebaldwin

Session Host:  Sujata Kosalge, vice president, engineering, Google @google

Sponsor Spotlight:  Yana Tobelmann, product specialist, Google @google